This minimalist page is nothing more than a collection of pictures I have taken. I'm currently scanning other photographs, which I'll upload as soon as I can. In the meantime, here are some of my most recents hits. Maybe. Some are good, some are not so good, but I took all of them.

ANYway, as the photographer I hold the copyrights and all of that stuff. I didn't record the aperture or exposure for most of the photos.

If you want to email me to tell me how much talent you think I have, or to offer me a job photographing nature (or women in their natural habitat), or because you're filthy rich and you've been thinking of giving away your money to deserving, intelligent, upstanding individuals such as myself, or because you want to discuss the inherent cruelties of life, or for whatever reason, my address is valar251006 AT hotmail DOT com.

Set Number Content Number of pics
Zero A link to my old netcom page (pictures of my car when I first bought it -- before the limo tint) 17
One Some uninspired football/cheerleader/half-time pictures from the Sun Bowl. 11
Some flowers and sunsets. 22
Some flowers, the Pathfinder I'm thinking of buying, mountains, and a ufo. 15
More flowers, the sun thru a sandstorm, and a baseball batter who's not worried about his size. 11

The requisite links:
the main hubble site
another hubble site (but still run by stsci)
more hubble pictures
Aperture -- a good photo magazine
some Ansel Adams stuff
eastman   from the founder of eastman kodak

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